Jasmine Mai


06/2019 – 08/2019



Web Design



Adobe Xd

Adobe Photoshop

Visual Studio Code


Jennifer Gonzalez


I was a Web Design intern at Corsair in the summer of 2019. Corsair is a computer peripherals and hardware company for gamers. …

Problem Overview

Every month, Corsair releases new products. These products are announced on Corsair's website. It is also where users can learn more about Corsair’s products, view the products’ images, and purchase them.


Editing and Maintaining Web Content

I edited photos using Adobe Photoshop for A+ content, including product pages for sites such as Amazon, Newegg, etc. I also ensured formatting is maintained across Corsair's online content pages in all supported languages (localization).


Each main product on Corsair's webpage has a landing page. I worked on a couple of product landing pages using HTML and CSS. To create one, I had to select the photos and videos that are appropriate for the page and edit photos using Photoshop. I organized the content so that the page’s design is consistent with the other landing pages and followed the company's design guidelines.


I worked on a redesign of a product landing page. I made multiple prototypes of the landing page for one of their most popular products, Hydro X, using Adobe Xd. This required me to do a lot of researching to find UI design ideas.


The web team and I prepare the landing pages and A+ content for the new products that will be released. We select and edit photos and design landing pages. We also localize the A+ content and make sure everything is ready to be published for the product’s released date.


Editing and Maintaining Web Content

When I started deploying the HTML and CSS files, it was frightening for me because I didn't want to break anything on  Corsair’s production website. I would double and triple check every single file before deploying. After a few times, I got the hang of it, and it taught me to be attentive.


I learned how to use Adobe Photoshop. This was the first time using Photoshop ever. I watched and read tutorials to learn how to use its features.


I learned new tools in Adobe Xd such as components, add-ons, repeat grids, etc. I've used the software before; however, I didn't know about components, frames, and many other shortcuts that were available. This feature made prototyping much easier. When I was making the prototypes, I had to make multiple versions to expand my creativity and to explore different design techniques. I remember my manager telling me not to be afraid to try new things when making prototypes. So, I made a complete redesign of the landing page. Although my manager didn't decide to use my design in the end, I learned a lot from the critiques/feedback from her. When I presented my design at the end of my internship to the Chief Operating Officer, she asked me if my design was used which made me proud of my design because I was not confident to show it. Before, I was scared because I've seen her critique other designs for the web pages. Now, I learned to be confident and proud of my work because it's a learning process.

Tracking Issues

I learned how to use Jira to track issues with my team.

Made friends with a lot of awesome interns 😊